The Spiral in My Mind

I like the imperfections, while anything out of order makes me flinch. The text has to be justified but anything too structured kills me inside. The randomness of art is something I crave for, yet I love to go back to my age old structured texts at times. Highly impulsive, I shun away people and... Continue Reading →

Thought For The Month

Some people come in our life only to teach us how to love our self. And it's completely okay if they don't stay in our life forever. Just be grateful and happy for this growth and the person you eventually evolve into, while at the same time try to be this person for someone else... Continue Reading →

Tug of War

Where two people try to create an equilibrium by resisting themselves from developing any kind of emotional attachment towards each other At some point in our life, we all go through a phase where we feel connected to a person. A bond develops but our baggage of past experiences or priorities pulls us down to... Continue Reading →

Has it ever happened to you that you look at something which is so beautiful that you turn completely numb. All your senses stop working and your heart skips a beat ! You scramble around to hold on to the moment and make it stop..

She saw him slowly shedding away his white and acquiring the crimson tinge

Sunny Side Up

"How are you ?" And instantly we hear our self saying 'I'm fine!' It's like, this statement has been imbibed into us to such an extent that uttering the contrary which is 'I'm not okay', rather seems impossible. We have been trained to say that we are fine, even when our world has turned upside... Continue Reading →

Changing Trend in New Media

“The world is becoming a global village because of the media”- Marshall McLuhan We are constantly bombarded with endless information throughout the day. There are so many sources that we are surrounded with, that sometimes we don’t even realize yet we are imbibing information. Be it through social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,... Continue Reading →

The Date

It’s quite difficult to explain what he does to her His mere presence heals her in a way that nobody else can. But at the same time he ensures to make her understand that although he will stay with her forever, yet she needs to get hold on herself. To learn, not to be vulnerable... Continue Reading →

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