She saw him slowly shedding away his white and acquiring the crimson tinge


Sunny Side Up

"How are you ?" And instantly we hear our self saying 'I'm fine!' It's like, this statement has been imbibed into us to such an extent that uttering the contrary which is 'I'm not okay', rather seems impossible. We have been trained to say that we are fine, even when our world has turned upside... Continue Reading →

Changing Trend in New Media

“The world is becoming a global village because of the media”- Marshall McLuhan We are constantly bombarded with endless information throughout the day. There are so many sources that we are surrounded with, that sometimes we don’t even realize yet we are imbibing information. Be it through social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest,... Continue Reading →

The Date

It’s quite difficult to explain what he does to her His mere presence heals her in a way that nobody else can. But at the same time he ensures to make her understand that although he will stay with her forever, yet she needs to get hold on herself. To learn, not to be vulnerable... Continue Reading →

What if you become a person for someone, to whom the other person can share anything with. To whom they don't have to think twice before blurting out their feelings. Can you possibly imagine how pure that bond is ? You don't have to label such a relationship. Just cherish it, and be grateful that... Continue Reading →

When I look back…

When I had somebody to talk to, I never bothered paying attention Now I crave for those conversations so much, but this person is long gone A part of me breaks every time I think about the empty seat beside me Probably, I'll never get used to it, no matter how many years pass But... Continue Reading →

Thought for the month

Sometimes you read something, which is so accurate, that you literally enter a state of trance. And the more you start absorbing and appreciating what you read, the more magical the whole thing starts becoming !

Sometimes, healing is invisible…

What a bliss it is to be a performing artist ! A perfect way to channelize all your haphazard emotions All those characters that we portray, whether it is a god, goddess, demon, animal or anything for that matter, give us an opportunity to let go of the emotions that have built on inside us.... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you a story.... Once upon a time there was a girl. Let’s call her ‘Care’, just to make the storytelling easier. Care was a very nice girl, she cared for everyone. Whether she knew them or not. How metaphorical right ! a girl named care, who cared for all. But yes, that’s... Continue Reading →

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