Thought for the month

Sometimes you read something, which is so accurate, that you literally enter a state of trance. And the more you start absorbing and appreciating what you read, the more magical the whole thing starts becoming !


Sometimes, healing is invisible…

What a bliss it is to be a performing artist ! A perfect way to channelize all your haphazard emotions   All those characters that we portray, whether it is a god, goddess, demon, animal or anything for that matter, give us an opportunity to let go of the emotions that have built on inside... Continue Reading →


Let me tell you a story.... Once upon a time there was a girl. Let’s call her ‘Care’, just to make the storytelling easier. Care was a very nice girl, she cared for everyone. Whether she knew them or not. How metaphorical right ! a girl named care, who cared for all. But yes, that’s... Continue Reading →

Dear Men

Dear Men, With so many stereotypes around Which patriarchy has thrusted upon you You need to have faith in yourself And believe that, what 'you' feel is right You don't have to stay strong every time. It's not an obligation for you to always make others happy. You have every right to break, to cry,... Continue Reading →

Once upon a time

Hand entwined they kept walking She doesn't even remember his face At some point he seems to be a stranger, but maybe he's not She can't decide either, nor she wants to They sat on a slab, saying nothing Just enjoying each others company Absorbing the silence around He asked her, whether she was ok..... Continue Reading →

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